About the Broker

John Cahill started Resort Management Services, Inc. in Aspen, Colorado during the Spring of 1985 for the specific purpose of managing homeowner and condominium associations. The innovative management techniques including full maintenance service to all owners within an association, customized routine maintenance schedules, replacement life schedules and a hands-on style of caring for his clients’ needs, has kept him in business for 30  years. Over the years RMS has branched out into Real Estate sales and leasing, the purchase, rehabilitation and resale of distressed properties along with pre-purchase inspections for real estate buyers and property valuation protests. RMS, Inc. currently holds membership in the Aspen/Glenwood Board of Realtors.  Our listings are seen by Realtors and Buyers all over the Western Slope of Colorado. 

Sheltor Creek, Alaska

 He is a licensed Colorado Real Estate Broker, accomplished furniture maker, fly tier and fisherman and the author of  3 books. His first book “I never Liked Those C-130’s Anyway…”, is the riotous tale of legendary Coast Guard search and rescue aviator LCDR Malcolm R. Smith. His second book, “Jack’s Drift”, www.bonitabooks.com, released in October of 2011, is the funny and poignant story of his 50 years as a fly  fisherman.Both are available at Amazon.com and book sellers world wide. Cahill's most recent release is " Taxed Enough-A Property Tax Protest Guide". It teaches how to protest property taxes.


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